Sarah Brooke vs Onyx Kim

10:19 video

Sarah Brooke is pretty annoyed that  Onyx took Sarah’s regular client and trying to make him exclusive to her.  The two argue back and forth about whose feet are more enjoyable for the client, as  Onyx tells Sarah that the client prefers smaller toes and that Sarah has way too long of toes for the client to enjoy.  Sarah gets angry and tells  Onyx that she’s going to shove her long toes down  Onyx’s mouth.


Enraged,  Onyx lounges at Sarah, looking to take away Sarah’s client once and for all, but Sarah is able to defend herself and trap  Onyx in a super tight RNC, slowly squeezing the air out of  Onyx’s body and laughing at  Onyx’s feeble attempts of fighting for the client.   Onyx tries her best to get free from Sara’s arm around her neck, but the continued strength of Sarah’s arms and legs are too strong for  Onyx and she slowly drifts away as her eyes close.  Sarah lets go of the RNC and pins  Onyx down easily for the count of 5.


 Onyx wakes up and tells Sarah that Sarah didn’t really squeeze hard enough and she was just playing possum.  The trash talking continues as they tangle up once again and this time Sarah is able to get her long, strong legs around  Onyx’s midsection and flatten her down to the mat with a bodyscissors that  Onyx screams in pain and tries to pry herself out of.  No matter what  Onyx does, she can’t escape the vice’ like grip of Sarah’s thighs around her stomach and ribs ad she slowly takes another nap.  Sarah smiles and trash-talks  Onyx more as she pins  Onyx down for the count of 5 for a second time.  

Now  Onyx is down 0-2, and the odds of her winning the right to have the client are not looking great.  Sarah wakes  Onyx up by tickling her toes and says how adorably tiny they are, and  Onyx finally comes to.  This time, she’s realizing she’s in the danger zone and tries to scurry away to a neutral position, but Sarah doesn’t care enough to let Onyx get her bearings. She pulls Onyx backwards into a bodyscissors from behind, while pulling backwards on Onyx’s neck and showing her why she’s a women  to be reckoned with.  Onyx just can’t seem to find an answer to Sarah’s submissive prowess and soon is finding herself dozing off for a third time.  Sarah gets up from underneath Onyx and compliments her on how nice and pedicured Onyx’s toes are and she seductively pins Onyx for a third time.

With 0-3 on the pins in Sarah’s favor, it looks like she’s going to have the client all to herself very soon.   She doesn’t hesitate to wake Onyx up and before Onyx even realizes she fully awake, Sarah traps her I a surfboard stretch, pulling Onyx’s hair and legs back toward each other.  Onyx refuses to give up and still wants the client all to herself because he came to her, fair and square.  Sarah pulls back harder on Onyx’s chin and legs to where Onyx is almost bent in half!  Onyx kicks and screams but Sarah just keeps pulling back harder.  Onyx’s kicks and squirms get less and less frequent and soon she is snoring away for a fourth time!! Sarah wastes no time and quickly pins Onyx down for a fourth time!!! Sarah is making a clean sweep to declare herself the winner of the client very soon.


Sarah wakes Onyx up one last time, and is totally done with this situation of fighting over the client.  She quickly wraps her legs around Onyx’s neck hard in a strong headscissors and demands Onyx to say that the client belongs to Sarah and not her and to stay from Onyx forever.  Onyx is very defiant and screams no, and that just makes Sarah angrier as she squeezes Onyx’s neck tighter with every angry exhale and squirm.  Onyx tries to fight and squirm more, but Sarah’s anger and the power of her legs are just too much for Onyx to overcome and she drifts off for a fifth and final time!



With Onyx completely subdued in a 5-loss blowout, Sarah does several sexy victories poses while declaring herself the winner and telling a sleeping Onyx that the client is hers exclusively and will not be doing anything more with Onyx.   Sarah puts her foot in Onyx’s sleeping open mouth and does victory flex, smiling evilly as the scene ends.

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