Kitty Quinn And Bailey Rage Battle On The Bed!

9:38 video

Kitty and Bailey Page just crashed hard on their couch after a long night at the club.  Kitty isn’t feeling too hot and starts hiccupping and having miserable stomach pains.  Bailey tells Kitty to hurry and head to the bathroom before any kind of accident occurs.  Kitty takes Bailey’s advice and runs off to the bathroom, leaving her cell phone behind on the couch within Bailey’s reach.  Bailey picks up Kitty’s ce;; phone and can’t believe what she sees:  Kitty sending pictures of herself in suggestive sexy poses to  Bailey’s boyfriend.  The audicatity of Kitty’s betrayal Sends Bailey in a rage and she is ready to unleash hell on Kitty when Kitty comes back from the bathroom.


When Kitty comes back. Bailey rips into her verbally, demanding answers on to why Kitty is sending nude photos of herself in the same gold dress she’s wearing now to Bailey’s boyfriend. Kitty tries to play dumb and insists that it wasn’t her and that it was some other girl in kitty’s dress that must have been sending the photos.  Bailey doesn’t believe her for a second and the two ladies start arguing and pulling on each other’s clothes as Kitty tries to get her phone back from Bailey.  A huge scuffle starts happening and the two end up going from the couch onto the bed nearby as Bailey vows to get even on Kitty for even thinking she had a chance with Bailey’s   man behind her back and having him respond to her sneaky texts.

The ladies then battle it out and get stripped topless down to just thongs! They have a wild catfight and one lady ultimately emerges victorious

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