Sarah Brooke vs Jennifer Thomas

8:55 video

Sarah Brooke Vs. Jennifer Thomas


In this traditional female pro wrestling match, the fiery Sarah Brooke is up against her toughest challenger to date: the world renowned and Lucha Girl’s star Jennifer Thomas!  The two stare down in the middle of the ring and Jennifer introduces herself like only she can, while promising to make short work of “Crybaby” Sarah.  Sarah takes great offense to that statement and soon the two are nose to nose in each other’s faces before they lockup for the first time. As they lockup, Jennifer uses her strong arms to pull Sarah into a headlock and starts to crank on Sarah’s neck. Sarah is trying to keep herself upright against Jennifer’s amazing power and leverage, and is able to escape by reaching up and gouging Jennifer’s eyes.   Though it’s a dirty tactic, it’s still effective as Sarah kicks Jennifer a few times and declares that she’s going to make Jennifer cry instead when this is all said and done.  


Sarah grabs Jennifer’s arm and wrings it back into a standing armbar, standing over Jennifer’s kneeling body in the process.  Jennifer being the wily veteran is able to reverse it and put Sarah into a lying RNC, as she squeezes her strong arms and legs around Sarah’s smaller body.  As Sarah is crying and kicking to get free, Jennifer switches it up to a laying armbar of her own, wringing on the pressure and making Sarah squirm and writhe more.   Sarah is determined to break free, and ends up doing so by poking Jennifer in the eye and grabbing her by a handful of hair to toss her across the ring.  That doesn’t seem to phase Jennifer one bit, as she recovers quickly and punches Sarah hard in the face.  As Sarah is reeling and trying to recover, Jennifer grabs her leg and bends it backwards while trapping Sarah’s neck in her arm and pulls that back as well.  


Jennifer tells Sarah that she better start crying and that she wants to see tears come out of Sarah’s eyes soon. Sarah slams and kicks her hands and feet on the mat in agony, as Jennifer increases the pressure more.  Jennifer even goes as to actually bite Sarah’s toes as Sarah screams louder from Jennifer’s sharp teeth on her big toe!  Sarah tries to get away, but Jennifer yanks her back into  a high arch camel clutch and pulls back hard, asking Sarah if she’s ready to give up yet.  Sarah refuses to give up and will not give Jennifer the pleasure of tapping just yet.  Jennifer then puts Sarah into several punishing submissive maneuvers, such as a bodyscissors/full nelson combination, a short armscissors, and even her dreaded reverse headscissors that has put many people into an instant state of slumberland.  Sarah is able to reverse a flurry of attacks and is finally able to get Jennifer into a reverse headscissor of her own, yelling at Jennifer to tap or go to sleep.  Jennifer tries to fight Sarah’s relentless squeezing at first, but soon the pressure gets way too much for even her to handle and within moments Jennifer has no choice but to tap out repeatedly and spanking Sarah’s ass several times for reiteration

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