Jezebel Romo and Sarah Brooke Sarah’s Secrets

9:33 video

Jezebel Romo and Sarah Brooke

Sarah’s Secrets



Sarah Brooke is spending some time away from catfighting to take on a side business these days.  She just opened up her new lingerie line called Sarah’s Secrets and is looking over her first shipment to go out today.  Just then, Jezebel Romo comes to visit and wants to be the first new model for Sarah Secrets.  Sarah glances over Jezebel in her one-piece red lingerie and scoffs at the idea.  She tells Jezebel that she’s looking for models that are younger and more attractive and calls Jezebel old.  Jezebel gets really angry and says she’s way hotter than Sarah or any other girl that Sarah decides to hire off the street, spanking Sarah’s ass and calling it naïve and flat.  The two of them exchange heated words and finally come to a decision about having a match out in the ring, and if Jezebel wins, then she can become Sarah’s spokesmodel for Sarah Secrets.


The ring announcer call them both out the ring through the smoke and lights of the entrance way.  Both women get to flex and pose their assets as they come out, and finally the match is official!  Right away without hesitation, Jezebel unloads on Sarah with a flurry of kicks to the corner, before placing her foot hard against Sarah’s neck in a hellacious scream of anger and determination.  Sarah screams in pain, but is able to kick Jezebel off and counter with some kicking of her own, pushing her foot against Jezebel’s neck in return.   Jezebel is wily and in a desperate attempt to break away, scratches Sarah hard in the stomach, showing that she has some nasty catfight-like maneuvers from California.  She delivers several jolting shoulders into Sarah’s midsection that has Sarah caught in between the top and middle ropes, then delivers a snapnare to Sarah with so much momentum that it sends Sarah halfway across the ring.  


Sarah tries to get her bearings back right-side up and when Jezebel reaches down to grab Sarah by the hair again, Sarah immediately grabs Jezebel by the crotch and squeezes it hard.  Jezebel is screaming and doubled over in pain as Sarah unloads a fury of punches to Jezebel’s crotch over and over again.  Sarah pushes Jezebel to the ground and tries to reach for Jezebel’s hair, but now Jezebel trips her up and delivers several stomps to Sarah’s crotch while holding Sarah’s legs apart.  Jezebel does a diving headbutt to Sarah’s crotch, adding more pain to Sarah’s already damaged pussy, and decides to stretch Sarah’s legs wide with a leg grapevine. Sarah is screaming in pain and yells that she forgot how dirty of a fighter Jezebel is, and Jezebel happily agrees and reaches down to wedgie Sarah’s thong harder than ever.   Sarah pushes Jezebel off and sits down on Jezebel’s stomach. She squeezes Jezebel’s tits hard and starts to taunt Jezebel’s age more and declares herself the better fighter. Jezebel isn’t going down without a fight though, and kicks Sarah off her.  As Sarah is trying to get back up, Jezebel does a butt bomb onto Sarah’s stomach and squeezes Sarah’s tits through her bra in return.  Sarah screams a lot as her tits get squeezed and Jezebel applies more pressure. Jezebel screams at Sarah and asks her if she has milk before shoving her tits in Sarah’s face in a breathtaking breast smother.  Sarah is kicking and muffling loud under Jezebel’s tits.  After a few moments of getting motorboated, Sarah pushes Jezebel off and screams that there’s no more milk left in Jezebel’s old body.  Sarah then puts Jezebel in a leg-to-leg stretch hold that stretches Jezebel’s legs hips and legs wider than she can fathom.  The pain in Jezebel’s face is matched only by Sarah’s evil laughing as Sarah presses down harder on Jezebel’s legs.  


Sarah adds more injury by smashing Jezebel’s crotch with double axhandles and then proceeds to sit on the back of Jezebel’s neck and pull up Jezebel’s one piece by her crotch and give Jezebel an atomic wedgie from behind!  Sarah asks Jezebel if she wants to give up just yet, but Jezebel isn’t tapping out anytime soon.  Sarah pulls Jezebel down backwards into a reverse headscissors to inflict more pain and pressure around Jezebel’s neck, and Jezebel reverses it into a headscissors of her own, using the bottom rope for more leverage.   She reaches down and grabs Sarah by the crotch again, using the dreaded camel toe clutch and grabs Sarah’s thong and crotch harder than ever.  Sarah is screaming at the top of her lungs and tries to find a way out.  She finally is able to do so by rolling Jezebel over into a reverse facesit and begins to pummel Jezebel’s stomach with repeated punches.  Sarah looks like she has Jezebel right where she belongs.  She goes even dirtier and takes Jezebel’s hair and wraps it around the bottom rope, while putting her bare foot on Jezebel’s neck and head, pulling the hair while pushing Jezebel’s hair away from it. 


Sarah is sensing victory at any moment and is close to putting Jezebel away once and for all, as she reaches down and pulls Jezebel up into a camel clutch/headlock modification hold and pulls Jezebel’s neck up hard.  She wants to hear Jezebel tap in the worst way, and just as Jezebel looks like her hand is about to tap out, she reaches back and pushes Sarah off her, and in a last moment of adrenaline and desperation, wraps Sarah neck tight in a strong and tight reverse headscissors.  As Jezebel uses her last bit of remaining energy and strength to squeeze Sarah’s neck with her thick strong thighs, Sarah taps out and Jezebel is super ecstatic that she won!  She puts Sarah in a camel clutch to reiterate her victory and to make Sarah say reluctantly that Jezebel is the new spokesmodel for Sarah Secret.   Jezebel is happy to hear those words to come out of Sarah’s pouty, defeated mouth and kicks Sarah down to the mat to go celebrate her new job!




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