Sarah Brooke vs Jezabel Romo Bitchy Fight

9:23 video

It’s been over a year since Sarah Brooke was last working with Jezebel Roma at Lucha Girls.  When Sarah goes behind the curtain to be friendly with Jezebel, Jezebel instead slaps Sarah’s pathetic attempt for a handshake away and wants to know why Sarah’s been talking about how much of a better fighter she than Jezebel.  Sarah tries to deny ever talking trash about Jezebel, but Jezebel doesn’t believe her for a second and pushes her outside the curtain and to the Lucha Girls ring.  She then proceeds to punch and overhead smash Sarah in the back.  Sarah climbs into the ring and wants to know why Jezebel is using such dirty tactics to get back at her.  Jezebel challenges Sarah to a whorish catfight where Sarah seems to be so great at.  Sarah accepts her challenge, saying that Jezebel is just jealous because she can’t come close to how much Sarah makes for these kinds of dirty fights.


Before there can be a first lockup to see where these two hellcats standoff at, Jezebel kicks Sarah into the corner, catching Sarah off guard as she continues to stomp and kick at Sarah’s crotch and showing Sarah just how much of a dirty fighter she can be!  She then puts her hands around Sarah’s neck and fights even dirties, slowly draining Sarah’s color and oxygen out of her face.   She asks Sarah is this is dirty enough for her, and after a few minutes of having Sarah gasp and groan, Jezebel lets go and wants Sarah to face her woman-to-woman in the center of the ring.


As they meet on their knees in the center of the ring, they finally lock up for the first time this match and immediately, Jezebel knees Sarah in the stomach and sends her rolling to the ropes.  Jezebel stands up and kicks Sarah repeatedly over and over again, before reaching down and trying to grab Sarah by the hair.  That gives Sarah the moment to low blow and crotch grab and squeeze Jezebel.  Jezebel is on her knees, paralyzed in pain as Sarah continues to squeeze at her crotch harder. As Jezebel is kneeling over on the ground, Sarah then overhead smashes and punches Jezebel in the back.  Sarah grovels of how much of a better fighter she is when she reaches down to grab Jezebel by the hair.  On instinct, Jezebel returns the favor and kicks Sarah in the crotch right back, and now Sarah is finding herself gasping on the mat, face down.


As Sarah is groaning in pain from the crotch kick, Jezebel laughs and says to Sarah that she can fight just as dirty and that she runs this show.  She then locks up Sarah in a front face lock and pulls Sarah’s short jean shorts into a wedgie while pulling Sarah headfirst into the mat in a dirty headscissors/wedgie combo.  She demands that Sarah submit, or it’s just going to get more painful.  Sarah squirms and struggles to find a way out, and eventually up over and gets Jezebel in a facesitting position.


Sarah is pinning Jezebel perfectly in a facesitting position and gloats as she uses the ropes for more leverage.   She seems to have this match over Jezebel won when suddenly Jezebel finds the strength to flip Sarah back over in a sunset flip and gets Sarah off of her so she can catch a breath form being under Sarah’s ass.  They do a test of strength on their knees and though Jezebel seems to be winning at first, Sarah is able to get the leverage and pushes her weight on top of Jezebel.  Jezebel is a wily veteran and uses her legs to push Sarah off of her.  The test of strength added to the tiredness for Jezebel and she leaves herself wide open for a full nelson bodyscissors from Sarah from behind.  Sarah pulls Jezebel down and squeezes her vice-like legs around Jezebel and even goes so far as to pull Jezebel’s hair to add more humiliating pain to Jezebel while squeezing the air out of Jezebel’s ribcage.  


The pain on Jezebel’s face can be seen etched perfectly, but she grabs Sarah’s ankle and pulls it off hard, twisting the ankle in the process.  Sarah screams that her ankle hurts and this makes Jezebel smell victory soon!  Jezebel grabs Sarah’s leg and starts to twist and pull Sarah’s ankle, even doing elbow drops to Sarah’s leg and bending the leg around the lower ring rope while placing her foot hard on Sarah’s crotch, pulling harder with every scream that comes out of Sarah’s mouth.  Sarah is getting closer to tapping and Jezebel can taste the submission.  She puts Sarah in a lucha Surfboard stretch, pulling Sarah’s neck and bad leg apart from each other.



Unfortunately, Sarah is able to get out of it somehow, and with one last burst of adrenaline, Sarah grabs Jezebel in a bearhug before slamming her down to the mat back first. Before Jezebel can recover and her air back, Sarah traps Jezebel in a reverse figure four head scissors and squeezes hard while punching Jezebel in the crotch.  Jezebel tries to fight off the sudden onslaught, but is soon losing her air and has no choice but to tap out.   Sarah is the winner and she makes sure that Jezebel realizes it firsthand as she does a victory pose while placing her foot on Jezebel’s neck

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