Crystal Clark vs Jennifer Thomas

9:46 video

Jennifer Thomas and Crystal Clark

Veteran Vs. Rookie



When the match starts, Jennifer Thomas and Crystal Clark are standing in the ring.  Jennifer tried to get her to wrestle and Crystal is bashing Jennifer for being from the 90s with a big ass and tits from that era.  Jennifer laughs and tells Crystal she's going to spank her for talking about the age difference.  crystal is sure that's she’s a much better wrestler than Jennifer as they circle each other and bash each other’s ages and abilities. Jennifer has had enough and kicks Crystal in the stomach, sending her doubling over. Jennifer quickly gets Crystal in a headlock and flips her over in a headlock takeover, squeezing her huge arm tighter around Crystal's neck.  Jennifer quiets Crystal more by putting her hand over Crystal's mouth and says that she's not a grandma, more like a veteran wrestler that’s going to spank Crystal ass.  Crystal coughs that it was a figure of speech and that she didn’t mean it.  Jennifer hooks Crystal’s leg and pins her for a 2 count. Crystal escapes, but leaves her backside open for Jennifer to spank her a few times before locking Crystal up in an Indian lock/headlock combo


Jennifer tells Crystal that she's no one's grandma and will make Crystal pay for all those grandma jokes tonight. Crystal says it was just a compliment as she gasps for air and tells Jennifer she was great int he attitude era.  This infuriates Jennifer more as she pulls Crystal up into a camel clutch and spanks her ass at the same time, making Crystal yelp and cry more.  Jennifer tells Crystal to get up and wrestle a real match, unless she too young to know what that is. They lock up and Crystal knees Jennifer hard in between the legs to send her bending over in pain.  Crystal grabs Jennifer by the hair and calls her old as she whips Jennifer down to the mat by the hair. Crystal mounts Jennifer and starts to bang Jen's head against the mat harder and harder.  Jennifer gets infuriated and pushes Crystal off her onto the mat and quickly gets back up.  Jennifer then kicks and punches crystal in the corner, putting her barefoot up against Crystal's jaw and pressing hard, telling Crystal she needs to eat some Wheaties instead of fruity pebbles. 

Jennifer drapes Crystal over the middle rope and starts to jiggle and spank Crystal's ass again and again.  Jennifer follows it up with an overhead chop to Crystal’s back that sends Crystal reeling in pain onto the mat facedown again.  Jennifer gets above Crystal who is on all fours and spanks Crystal’s ass with both hands hard and makes Crystal scream as loud as she possibly can. Crystal is able to get back up and kicks Jennifer hard in the stomach a few times to get Jennifer down to the mat.  Jennifer can't believe that Crystal has such strong legs for a less experienced fighter and Crystal laughs as she stands on Jennifer's hair and pulls Jennifer’s arms up in a hair pull foot stretch.  Crystal gets Jennifer in a crossjacket bodyscissor combo and Jennifer screams in agony.  Jennifer is able to escape by kneeing Crystal in the leg, and then getting up to kick crystal in the back.  After a few kicks, Jennifer gets Crystal in an agonizing surfboard stretch. Jennifer then traps Crystal's head between her thick strong thighs and slams Crystal's head into the mat several times before putting her in a victory rollup for a two count.  Giving Crystal a taste if her own medicine, Jennifer does a shoulder and arm stretch to Crystal, and sits on Crystal's face to demand that Crystal kiss a veteran's ass, Crystal reverses it with a face siting of her own and spanks Jennifer's ass in retaliation

They both end up spanking each other’s asses harder and harder, until Jennifer gets the better of Crystal and overpowers her into an Indian leglock, placing more pressure on Crystal’s legs and rubbing it in Crystal’s face how a “grandma” is kicking her ass right now.  Just as Crystal is losing all her energy, Jennifer lets go of the Indian lock and does a sexy O’Conner pin rollup while spanking Crystal ass again repeatedly to add insulting pain to a 3-count victory.  Crystal has been pinned and humiliated by Jennifer’s “older” body and Jennifer does a sexy victor pose on Crystal’s body before telling us she’s going to make some Oatmeal cookies because that’s what “Grandmas” do when they celebrate.

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