Sarah Brooke vs Carmen Valentina

8:47 video

Sarah Brooke and Carmen Valentina


 The scene starts as Carmen is relaxing on the couch, getting ready for her next client to come in the room.  Sarah Brooke shows up in a white t-shirt and black tight shorts, letting Carmen know that she's Carmen's new client and found Carmen’s email address in Sarah's husband's jacket.  She wants Carmen to stop seeing Sarah's husband behind Sarah's back immediately!  Carmen laughs and says that’s between Sarah and her husband, but as long as Sarah's husband keeps giving her money, she’s going to continue to keep seeing him because she has bills to pay!

Sarah gets even angrier and says her husband needs to only worry about paying Sarah's bills!  Carmen laughs and tells Sarah that she loves having Sarah's husband come over to get all the aggression out and it feels so good as she starts to rub her breasts and perv Sarah out more.  Sarah is disgusted and challenges Carmen to a 10-count pin wrestling match and the loser will stop seeing Sarah's husband once and for all!  Carmen accepts and asks if Sarah has ever wrestled before. Sarah strips off her white t-shirt and shorts, revealing a tight white bra and panties and says wrestling won’t matter once she’s on top of Carmen.  They shake hands, but it's a ploy as Carmen yanks Sarah hard to get her closer, then without warning, Carmen kicks Sarah hard to the ground and tries to reach for Sarah's bra and squeeze Sarah's tits.  Sarah is able to reach up and grab Carmen's crotch, as they both clamp hard on each other and scream in pain.   Carmen delivers several knees to Sarah’s crotch hard, but Sarah is able to counter it by grabbing Carmen into a tight bodyscissors! 

As Sarah is applying more pressure, Carmen cries out that it feels almost as good as when Sarah's husband grinds his cock on her, before punching Sarah hard in the stomach to get Sarah off of her. Carmen is able to get Sarah in a breathtaking RNC submission, and uses her new position to start dry humping and grinding on Sarah's back. Carmen than floats over to a side bodyscissors, grinding more and more onto Sarah's disgusted body as she taunts and squeezes Sarah tighter. 

Carmen lets go of the bodyscissors and Sarah is extremely grossed out on how Carmen is rubbing her crotch all over Sarah at this point.  Laughing and enjoying herself, Carmen tells Sarah if she wants to wrestle so bad, then start wrestling and she's waiting for Sarah to put up a fight.  Sarah puts Carmen in a headlock from behind and slowly squeezes the air out of Carmen's neck.  However, the headlock is turning on Carmen more and she starts to feel Sarah's legs up and down and moaning softly, freaking Sarah out again and Sarah lets go of the headlock. Carmen wants Sarah to pin her down if she can, and Sarah is afraid that if she tries to do so that Carmen will keep grinding on her!  Tired of playing coy, Carmen gets Sarah in a front bodyscissors and starts to grind on Sarah more and more to Sarah's dismay! Carmen pulls Sarah down to start kissing and grinding on her, trapping Sarah's arm in the process and then pushes Sarah backwards to keep the game alive. 

Sarah is in the verge of losing her mind to the advances Carmen is making towards her and Carmen is all too happy to see that 10 count Sarah promised to deliver.  Sarah tries to pin Carmen down, but Carmen is having too much fun rubbing and kissing Sarah's ass and spanking it for Sarah to concentrate as she hurriedly gets off Carmen to regain her composure about what’s transpiring and how her own body seems to be betraying her. 

Carmen is done playing around to see if Sarah will pin her and instead pushes Sarah down to the ground, mounting on Sarah and grinding on her harder and faster as they both moan and squirm against each other.    Sarah tries to push Carmen off, but Carmen instead traps Sarah in a bodyscissor from behind and grinds on Sarah more as she squeezes her legs tight around Sarah's ribcage! 

Carmen reaches around Sarah's body and squeezes Sarah's tits through her white bra and notices that Sarah's fight is slowly leaving her body and it seems that Sarah is slowly getting more turned on!  Sarah tries to get away, and Carmen bends her over on all fours and starts to spank Sarah's ass and kiss it. Then Carmen get son top of Sarah and starts to dry hump her more, moaning loudly and grinding harder and faster!  In the matter of a few more moments, Sarah slowly starts enjoying the sexual grinding and advances Carmen is making, as Carmen kisses Sarah all over her face before sitting on it and grinding on Sarah's face as she counts Sarah down for an orgasmic 10 count!

Even though Sarah has lost the match, she has accepted her defeat, having found Carmen a better enjoyment and decides to forget all about her husband! Carmen is looking forward to having Sarah be her newest client and the two seal it with deep kissing and moaning against each other as the scene ends.

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