Allie's Crazy Voodoo Experience!

8:46 video

Allie's Crazy Voodoo Experience! (RING MIND MANIPULATION; BIKINI) Allie Parker meets Sarah Brooke in the ring, but not for a fight this time in “Allie's Crazy Voodoo Experience”, which is just fine by Sarah because she had a different thought in mind anyway. It's one that as the title might suggest, relates to voodoo, as she found her grandma's book on the subject, and wanted to test what she saw in it on someone. Allie really isn't sure what to make of Sarah's interest, questioning if it's sexual in some form, but when Sarah has finished with her, she'll have a much better understanding of it with what she is made to do! It's something she'll long remember, or at least she'll remember how vulnerable she felt at the end anyway! Sarah gets the ball rolling on things, by having the skeptical Allie look into her eyes. Once she has her attention, she's able to quickly put her under a trance. With Allie fully under her power now, the real fun begins! For her first command, Sarah has Allie go sit in the corner, like she was on timeout for being a bad girl. Already Sarah is enjoying this as Allie complies, knowing she can get her to do just about anything she wants. And what she really wants, is something Allie had said before in a previous encounter she'd never do, which is to do a dance for her! Allie, far from her normal defiant self under Sarah's spell, obediently does as she is told, dancing in a very frenetic and quirky manner! It looks kind of like something out of the 80's almost! After a few moments of this, Allie suddenly stops, causing Sarah to make her restart, and soon after she does, she is told to put her hands on her head, making her dance a bit like a belly dancer in the process. Sarah is over the moon with this! She couldn't be more thrilled at having Allie under her control here! At this point, Sarah decides to stop the dancing and switch gears, opting to make Allie get on all fours, and bark and pant like a canine! Allie's barks start a little quiet, but with a little coaching, soon gets into it and is crawling all over the ring as if she really were the canine Sarah wants her to be! Sarah really can't believe her luck, with the “sweet” girl Allie completely at her command! Now Sarah thinks Allie is wearing FAR too much clothing, and as such should strip down to the bikini she has on under it! After Allie has done just that, fully putting her fit body on display for her, Sarah goes a step further, making her do jumping jacks! Allie readily starts to do them, giving a good look at her taut bod as she jumps up and down, before Sarah stops her and has her start to do squats instead. As sexy as this workout routine is though, what with Allie bouncing up and down while doing the jumping jacks, and grinding her ass towards Sarah as she is squatted, Sarah is a little bit bored. She wants something different.....she wants to see Allie look like a model, smiling and posing for the camera! Allie starts to do exactly as asked, showing off her body again, this time in a much more pronounced way than when she was merely exercising it, while Sarah watches on bemused. If Allie was even the least bit aware of what she was doing right now, she'd want to dispose Sarah! But instead, she is her plaything! With only a bit of time left before she has to do a session, Sarah winds things down, simply asking Allie to tell her she loves her now. Initially, Allie does this only with prodding from Sarah, but eventually she is Encouraged to do it over and over, constantly professing her love, until she's told to stop. After she does, Sarah wakes her up, ending this mind manipulation session. Allie is STUNNED beyond belief as she comes out of her trance! She has no clue what the hell happened to her, other than the knowledge that she is only in a bikini! She's MAJORLY pissed at Sarah for whatever she has done to her, swearing that she has started a war! That's perfectly ok with Sarah though, because she's had her fun! Revenge may come for her in the future, but if it does, it will be worth it for the control she held over Allie today! There's more than a few highly entertaining moments in this manipulation video! From seeing the usually more cocky Allie down on the mats like a canine instead completely owned, to hearing her proclaim her love for Sarah repeatedly to the point of almost bursting out in laughter before she is stopped, to simply getting an eyeful of her body as she prances about in just her bikini towards the end, you can be promised that you won't be bored watching Sarah and Allie interact here!

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