Allie Parker vs Jenevieve Hexx The Curse Of Jenevieve Hexx!

10:16 video

The Curse of Jenevieve Hexxx! (RING FEMALE DOMINATION; NIP SLIPS) Crude, tattooed and full of attitude Jenevieve Hexxx makes her WMW debut in "The Curse Of Jenevieve Hexxx", and she makes a hell of a splash, absolutely **** the usually also full of attitude Allie Parker in a ring beatdown she won't soon forget! Allie may know how to take out most of her fellow pro wrestlers, but she has NEVER faced a woman like Jenevieve before! Right off the bat this is very obvious too, with Jenevieve making it clear she wants to put a Hexxx on poor Allie and make her her slave! Allie who is intimidated as all hell by the heavily tattooed newcomer, something that says a lot as she is usually the one doing the intimidating vs. the other way around, wants nothing to do with any curses though, much less be her slave! Unfortunately for her, that doesn't do a damn thing to stop what follows! Aggression is the theme of this encounter, Jenevieve showing a LOT of it! She uses the point of her elbow to nastily **** Allie early, taunting her by trying to make her say her name even though she really cannot speak with all the pressure against her throat, and following that by standing on her stomach in the corner, before getting her in a headscissor there, using the ropes for leverage. Already it's clear Allie is in for a TON of pain! In one of her few futile attempts to fight back, Allie punches Jenevieve in the gut as they kneel on the mat, and uses the body positioning she gets from it to to put her in a front facelock. This is fast used to get her on top of her hated foe, but this doesn't last, as Jenevieve is able to flip her over in a sunset flip way, and then once again uses the ropes to her advantage, this time breast smothering Allie as she lay under them. Nothing Allie does in this match is good enough, this being but one example! The breast smother is soon turned into a reverse headscissor, Allie's head being Squeezed for now a second time by Jenevieve's powerful legs. When she is finally brought out from under the ropes, a short leg lock is applied on her as she struggles to defend herself against the always on the attack woman, before ending up in the opposite corner from where she was earlier and having to suffer another attack there. This one in particular is something to watch, Jenevieve mounting Allie as if she were climbing a tree, practically shoving her face right into her stomach, and getting her in yet a third headscissor hold! Allie is as dazed as she's ever been after this one, a fact Jenevieve makes fun of after, making her chase her around the ring effectively blind! She is having so much fun at Allie's expense! When she tires of this, Jenevieve shoves Allie back onto the canvas, and viciously attacks her tits in her top, just before trying to get her in another ****. Allie though manages to come to life here for the second time, punching at her adversary's stomach again several times, and also punching at her left leg that she drapes over the bottom rope so she can get good shots at it. As was earlier though of course, the comeback is cut short, and actually really backfires on her this time! I say that because, when she gets the upperhand again, Jenevieve repays Allie for her punches, with her own hard shots into her unprotected belly! Payback is a bitch! The punches are followed by a plain old dirty throat ****, Jenevieve relishing **** all the life out of Allie! Allie DOES manage to escape this with a breast punch (sidenote: watch for Jenevieve's tits all during this match, her breasts pop out of her much too small top MANY times over the course of it!), and then capitalizing on it by getting Jenevieve in a standing headscissor not too long after, but as the theme of match is/has been, Jenevieve is back in firm control in short order. And she is DONE playing games with Allie! She is flat PISSED now, and she had a chip on her shoulder before! The inked new girl, uses that anger to get Allie in a combination rear naked **** and bodyscissor, accentuating it with kicks to her pussy. Allie fights as best she can in this, eventually elbowing her way free, but the damage was done! She is on borrowed time at best at this point, and really at her best that was the case! Even being new, Jenevieve is head and shoulders above her, proving it from the very opening moments to now! A final meek attempt to fight against this unstoppable Coerce sees Allie attack Jenevieve's right leg with an elbow drop into it, but before she can go any further, Jenevieve gets on her again, and this time looks to end this one sided contest once and for all! She uses a chicken wing submission hold to do this, and Allie has no real option except to submit, Jenevieve's cursing of Allie completed. If Allie knows what is good for her, she will stay FAR away from Jenevieve in the future, as she is proved beyond any doubt that she is VERY dangerous! What a debut for Jenevieve Hexxx! If this beatdown of one of the tougher women around in Allie Parker is any indication, she is gonna do big things at WMW! Watch for more of this fiery lady real soon! (

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