Jolene Hexx and Bella Ink Bed Wrestling Match

10:02 video


Jolene Hexx and Bella Ink Bed Wrestling Match Bella Ink has a bone to pick with Jolene Hexx since they’re both in Sturgis for the LFC fights!  Jolene and Bella don’t want to be in the same state together and will throw down right now to see who is the true queen of Sturgis.  Clad in their bikinis, these two blonde bombshells challenge each other to a match on Jolene’s bed.  The action starts up hot and heavy with a lockup in the center of the bed where they both try to bearhug the other into a quick submission.  Punches are traded to each other’s stomachs, and hair gets tangled and thrown around every which way.  Jolene manages to get Bella into a back-bending camel clutch that makes Bella’s neck and head go almost straight up before letting it go.  They both threaten to grind and get off on each other as the action intensifies even more.   Bella is able to get a reverse leg triangle on Jolene and rubs her ass all over Jolene’s face to add insult to injury. Jolene struggle and squirms as Bella taunts her with her thick ass and is somehow able to push Bella off of her to escape by digging her nails deep into Bella’s asscheeks and digs in deep!  The sudden pain of the nails causes Bella to let go and she complains how sharp Jolene’s nails are and that if Bella did the same thing to Jolene, there’d be way more damage.  Jolene laughs and tells Bella to bring it then.  They tie up again and Jolene shoves Bella to the bed.  Jolene then puts Bella into a straight headscissors and even though Bella spanks Jolene’s asscheeks to try to break Jolene’s grip around her neck, it seems to drive Jolene into a more determined squeezer.  After tormenting Bella a little bit, Jolene lets go so Bella can get some air in her lungs.  Bella is extremely angry and tries to grab Jolene by the hair and neck, but Jolene shows she can grab necks too and they both do a neck-squeezing stare down, curing each other while squeezing their hands tighter.  Jolene pushes Bella down to the bed and quickly starts spanking Bella, calling her a bad wrestler.  Jolene allows Bella to get back up after several hard spanks and Bella becomes infuriated. Bella gives Jolene a snapmare onto the bed headfirst and then puts Jolene in a headlock,/leg grapevine pin submission, bending Jolene’s head to almost her knee.  Bella laughs at Jolene’s sudden misfortune and starts to grind her ass on Jolene’s lap teasing and taunting her.  Bella demands that Bella taps or else she’s just going to keep grinding on Jolene more.  Jolene taps and the score is now 2-1. High off her single submission so far, Bella teases Jolene and says she’s going to make her tap out one more time to even it up.  Jolene is done playing around though and gets into some serious submission wrestling. She punches Bella hard in the stomach and pushes Bella’s face hard into the bed while giving her a hard wedgie. Bella is squirming and yelling out for Jolene to stop, and Jolene decides to crank it up a bit more by putting Bella in a high arching Boston Crab. She wrenches Bella’s legs back almost to a right angle and Bella has no choice but to tap out!  Jolene grinds on Bella’s booty, causing humiliation and dismay to Bella who pushes Jolene off of her in disgust.   They get each other into a bearhug and roll around on the bed, the sweat on their bodies a perfect example of how hot it is between them wrestling and the humidity of Sturgis out in the desert.  Jolene is able to get her strong legs around Bella’s waist from below and uses a leg scissors and a headlock to make Bella borderline and weakly tap out.  She grinds more on Bella’s body and declares herself the winner who will gladly grind against Bella in her bed as long as she’s on top.  Bella pushes Jolene off of her and tells her to fuck off because it’s way too hot for this.  Bella flexes and smiles as Bella is trying to catch up her energy for the fight later that night. 

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