Sarah Brooke and Jolene Hexx Bed Wrestling- Loser gets spanked

10:24 video

Sarah Brooke and Jolene Hexx

Bed Wrestling- Loser gets spanked



Joleen Hexx is relaxing her bed in between her tough matches at Sturgis, when suddenly Sarah Brooke shows up in her hotel room and demands that they both share the same single bed since they both are sharing the hotel room. Jolene rejects her offer, saying she’s not the snuggling type Sarah challenges Jolene to a bed wrestling match over it and the loser will get spanked.  


At first Jolene is caught off guard by Sarah’s cockiness and issuing challenge, but she’s fair game for any woman that dares come to her for a fight.  The two lock up in their tight bra and panties, ready to see who is about to get spanked when this is all said and done.  Jolene pushes Sarah down onto the bed and pins Sarah down hard in a leg grapevine, pushing down Sarah hard into the bed and showing her dominance.  Sarah squirms and rakes Jolene’s face with her nails to push Jolene off of her.  As Jolene is trying to figure out how to see, Sarah pushes her face down into the bed and gets her legs crossed behind her while pulling up on Jolene’s chin.  It’s a sadistic move that looks like it will either pull Jolene into a pretzel or have her end up tapping to prevent from becoming a human U.   Jolene is fighting and squirming, breaking the grip from Sarah’s hands around her chin and pushes back.  As Sarah goes backwards and loses her balance, Jolene grabs her in a tight front body scissor, using her legendary strong thighs to squeeze the air in a tight breathtaking hug!  Sarah can barely catch a breath, but finds a way out by placing her hands on Jolene’s chin and pushes hard until Jolene screams and lets go of her bodyscissors.  


Sarah sits down on Jolene’s stomach and punches it hard a few times before straddling Jolene in an arm submission. She laughs as she tells Jolene that she’s going to facesit her and take all the air out of Jolene’s body. Jolene elbows Sarah hard in the tits in self defense and makes Sarah cry out in pain. Sarah says that wasn’t part of the fight rules to get hit in the tits like that.  She grabs at Jolene’s tits through her top and they lock up again, with Jolene in pain from her tits being squeezed by Sarah, and Sarah being in pain from being locked up around the neck hard by Jolene. They both agree to let grow in grimacing pain and throw each other down onto the bed in a stalemate.


Jolene is done playing games and gets Sarah in a deeper headlock. She screams at Sarah that she’s going to spank Sarah’s ass red and kick he rout of the bed. She wants so badly to put Sarah to rest and cranks on the headlock even tighter.  Just when Sarah looks like she is going to slumberland, she manages to elbow Jolene in the stomach and then give Jolene a snap mare, then follows it up with dirty nail raking and clawing to Jolene’s arms and legs.  Jolene screams about the sudden catty cheating. Sarah says she’s going to get as catty as they want and they both slap and claw at each other’s tits through the tops.  Sarah lies down on top of Jolene and puts Jolene into a reverse leg grapevine smother and reaches down to try to rake Jolene’s eyes. Jolene catches her hand and grabs it into an arm and leg submission maneuver.   She’s looking now more than ever to make Sarah tap out once and for all and Sarah is not looking good at winning this at all. She is however able to rake Jolene’s eyes to get away and escape for a few minutes to gain some recovery time.


They both call each other bitches and get angered to where there’s fire in their eyes.  They start to scratch each other and pull each other’s hair as the fight gets even more intense. They trade several punishing wrestling submissions and fight even more dirty.  Jolene thinks she has it in the bag with her signature single Boston crab and leans back hard on Sarah’s back.  Sarah elbows Jolene and kicks her in the stomach several times before pushing Jolene hard on the bad face first and gives her an atomic wedgie while pushing all her weight on Jolene’s back. Jolene tries as hard as she can to each back to grab ahold of anything she can to escape, but has no choice but to tap out.  With the victory awarded to Sarah, she kicks Jolene out after several spanks to Jolene’s ass and gets under the covers in victory with a huge smile on her face as the scene ends.


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