Carmen Valentina vs Jordana

9:51 video

Carmen Valentina vs Jordana Catfight!

Description:Topless Tussle! (CATFIGHT; SPANKING; WEDGIES; KO ENDING)

In the recently released “Coerced To Catfight!” (which can be found on our Step-Sister store WMW Fetish Fun), Carmen Valentina and Jordana were made to catfight by way of mind manipulation from Lela Beryl. That particular fight however, was not allowed to finish, and the two remained clothed during it.

Neither of those things are the case here though, as the two are back at it again alone this time, topless, and fighting to a KO in “Topless Tussle”!

Carmen is pumped for this one! She sees Jordana as so full of herself, always placing herself above the other girls. For that, she wants to beat her ass! On the other side of the coin, Jordana views Carmen as a bitch, and is just as ready to fight as she is! This is set to be a great scrap!

To raise the stakes a bit, Carmen requests they go at it topless, to which Jordana (who is called a prude bitch by Carmen at this point) readily agrees to. With that little caveat out of the way, the two get at it!

The lovely and feisty ladies pick right up where they left off in their previous encounter, exchanging breast smothers, bodyscissors (each having one locked one simultaneously at one point), nipple/tit attacks, body punches, hair pulls, camel clutch submission holds, spanks and wedgys as they battle it out. Neither holds anything back!

Of the tactics more unique to each woman, Carmen makes use of several rear naked **** and does some arm and shoulder stretching on her opponent, while Jordana applies a surfboard submission on her end of things.

One of these women is knocked by the end of this bitchy war, who will it be?

High energy catfight from this pair! It's a great companion piece to their last meeting!

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