Sumiko vs Rock C

10:31 video

(Apartment Spanking Match, Size Mismatches, Asians, Petite, Amazons, Pro Wrestlers)

Pro Wrestlers Sumiko and Rock C go at in a special Apartment Spanking Match over who the dirtiest sinner of the two of them is, in “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall....Who’s The Dirtiest of Them All?”! And with how they fight, BOTH could be seen as pretty dirty here! To say this one is highly contentious and physical would be an understatement!

To the point of actual contention, Rock C believes she’s far and away better than Sumiko, dressed way more conservatively in her typical pro wrestling gear vs. Sumiko’s bikini, but Sumiko challenges that by taking a shot at big ass that she is so proud so show off! This leads to a spanking match challenge from Rock C as all sinners deserve a good spanking to her, and when Sumiko gladly accepts these two are off and running in battle!

Rock C holds a distinct advantage here with her size compared to Sumiko, but what Sumiko lacks in stature she makes up for in heart! She gives just as good as she gets, in what is a nasty fight to the finish with all sorts of dirty and brutal tactics, in addition of course to plenty of spanking! Only one woman can win of course though when all is said and done, who is it?

A wild matchup! Spanking may be the primary focus here, but it’s certainly far from the only attack used as these two prideful ladies fight it out! This is effectively a brawl!


Bearhug, Belly Punching, Body Splashes, Body Stomp, Camel Clutch, Crabs (Boston Crab & Half Crab), Forearms, Front Facelocks, Hairpull Takeover, Hand Choke, Kicking (Side Kick & Soccer Kicks), Punching Cuntbust, Reverse Headscissor, Sleeper Hold, Takedowns (Double Leg Takedown & Single Leg Takedown), Spanking, Wall Head Ram

(Shot in 4K)

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